Star wars battlefront ps4 review youtube

It is intriguing how the lack of arcade mode initially really polarised opinion between those that saw it as completely unnecessary and those who yearned for it.

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Unlike the console players, who are stuck dealing with either 900p on the PS4 or 720p on the Xbox One, PC gamers get the full monty as much resolution as your monitor can handle, and quality settings that truly bring Star Wars to life around you.

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Not only that but the game now features crossplay between Steam and GOG.

Star wars battlefront ps4 review ign youtube

Those were then floated to DICE and Lucasfilm, to make sure that it fit in with this larger product that they wanted to build. At least they throw in the 2L of choice soda, just to wet your whistle for the next time. Finally, and perhaps most excitingly for Star Wars fans, there is Walker Assault, in which two teams of 20 players face off against each other, with the Imperials trying to defend an AT-AT, helping it to destroy the rebels shield generator, whilst the rebels try to bring the machines down. Simple and noob friendly. This story has some story spoilers.

Star wars battlefront ps4 review

star wars battlefront ps4 review youtube