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You can say that the players who are reporting him are in the wrong because he can play whoever he wants, or you can say that he himself is in the wrong because he doesn’t work as a team-player. All the objective information that needs to be known is already in the text, the rest is just the authors opinion, its not hard to separate one from the other. I’m talking about guarantees of success, of which there is none, and if you’re saying that some characters are easy enough that they do get guarantees then they are BROKEN.

World of tanks

The last beta weekend was, shall we say, not a rousing success.

Left 4 Dead, which has the required Zombie Apocalypse backstory, but it’s never really explained, and the developers admitted they didn’t want to put in any more plot than that.

As their name implies, Chainsaw Ganado are equipped with a chainsaw, which is an instant-kill should they get close enough to Leon.

Advanced numbers and lots of em!

Tanks are rarely more than two tiers apart simply because tanks are more powerful depending on the tier.

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world of tanks joystick The storyline is terrible, the gameplay is awfulthe radio stations are actually well done with a variety of great selections for each genre (The Lowdown, the Space Funk channel, and the Non-Stop Pop Channel were my favorites) Vic 2. Swing and a miss!